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A Crunch in the Catskills

IMG_0005 copy


On the night after winter storm Juno, I had a job in Monsey, in the Catskills. I arrive just after the wedding ceremony under the chupah has ended. In the Hasidic tradition, the chupah is always held outside, regardless of the weather. In this case, it was held in the parking lot outside the wedding hall.

It’s dark, and the parking lot is covered in snow and ice, so I’m being extra careful. Because I have so much equipment with me, I want to find a spot as close to the entrance as possible. The spot I find is right next to the chupah, which, as I arrive, is being wheeled back inside the building by a few of the hall’s workers.

As I carefully pull into the spot, I hear a loud crunch. Figuring it’s just a block of ice, I think nothing of it. I get out of the car to start unloading. One of the workers reaches under my car to retrieve something: it’s a napkin containing the glass that the groom had just crushed in the ceremony!

A Foggy Lens


I was running around the city the other day, first in Central Park in freezing weather, photographing track & field for Marymount. Afterwards, I jumped into a taxi to get to swimming practice. The pool was so much warmer that my camera lens became foggy. The fog was persistent - every time I wiped the lens, it immediately returned. I had ten minutes to shoot, and the camera was cold for the next eight minutes, so I decided to shoot with the foggy lens, even though I knew these pictures wouldn't be usable for Marymount. The result is this picture: what a happy accident!

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